22 November 2017
Arrival of the Dutch Team early in the morning at Naples airport in Italy.

arival1By Vicky Zimmerman selected Dutch Team has traveled to Naples, to participate in the finals of Miss Europe Continental.
The working team included Vicky the organizer, Mira the advisor, Miss Roxanne Vlemink, Miss Judith De Wilde de Ligny, Hans Lachman the senior Photographer, Shanna Simic 2nd photographer.
En the supporting team members: lovely Joys Lachman, and parents Petra & Eric Vlemink.


As soon as the group arrived, girls received lots of attention from Italian men and all of them wanted te make a picture with them.

After being picked up by the Miss Europe Continental organisation we were brought to the Golden Tulip hotel.
The rest of the day was spent checking in to the hotel, misses had to register, they receive clothing, high heel shoes, gadgets and other accessories. They were scheduled for make-up, dinner and afterwards they had a meeting with the sponsors.

The rest of the crew could take it easy with check in to their rooms and preparation for the dinner. arival8

The rooms of Golden Tulip **** hotel were comfortable and spacious, it was a pleasure to stay there.

Photo Reportage


23 November 2017
Today was an early start, breakfast was scheduled for 6:30am.
As soon as the girls were finished with the breakfast, there was a team of make-up artist waiting for them.
The whole day we had a tight schedule and had to rush to stay on track.
At around 9:00am we all travelled to the first photo-shooting location.
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Piazza Del Plebiscito
9:45 am Photoshoot at Piazza Del Plebiscito and Galleria Umberto.
arival5[see more Miss EU pictures]
All misses were wearing the same clothing which was provided from the organisation the previous day. Shooting at this location lasted for about 45 minutes. It was mostly group photo shoot, then we had to move to the next location. The photographers from the European Teams that came along with the girls, could consider themselves lucky if they managed to capture a good solo shot of a miss due to lack of time and presure of following requests from the official photographer of the Italian Miss Europe Continental organisation, Luigi Saggese from Rome.

Castel Dell'Ovo
The next photo shoot location was within walking distance of the Piazza. We walked to the castle and climbed the stairs to the rooftop which had a beautiful view of the city and the sea.
arival7[see more Miss EU pictures]
On the rooftop of the castle was actually a quick group shoot. The solo shoot or in pairs happened during the walk to, and from the castle.
From the Castle, we departed as quickly as we came, due to the hairstyling of the girls which was scheduled at 1:45pm and the make-up at 3pm.
After that was the rehearsal for the shows, which started at 3:45pm, at 9:30pm was the dinner and 10:30pm was dress fitting for the show.


24 November 2017
The following day rehearsal for the girls was scheduled throughout the whole day. Agents and the photographers were not allowed to go inside or make pictures during the rehearsal. Instead, Miss Europe Continental Organization arranged transportation and a tour guide for a fantastic excursion with all the agents and team members who came along with the girls.

One of the beautiful places we have visited was Reggia di Caserta. travel1
Caserta is located 36 km north of Napels and the castel is the largest royal residence in the world, covering an area of about 235000 m2. A beautiful architecture of the Reggia di Caserta is built during the 18th century and is the UNESCO World Heritage site since 1997.
[see pictures of Reggia di Caserta]

25 November 2017
Early in the morning, right after breakfast, the girls went to the Teatro Mediterraneo for the rehearsal of the show, hair styling and make-up. The show will start at 9pm and the girls needed to be totally ready by that time. The rest of us went sightseeing again; this time we visited a small fisherman's town,
Porto di Pozzuoli. travel2
Pozzuoli, the ancient seaside city located in the west from Napels, was a very important Roman Port with a very rich history. I could not find much information on the internet about the daily life of fishermen at the harbour of Pozzuoli, so I went down to the port to take a few shots myself. I was very moved by the hardship of the fishermens life.
[see pictures of Port di Pozzuoli]

The Show

Finales of Miss Europe Continental.
The show started with 37 girls from all around Europe. All the girls had to introduce themselves to the audience and looking at their performance and the looks, jury chose 20 misses to continue with the contest. The other 17 girls were "eliminated".
[see pictures of the show]

The second round they narrow the winning group to ten misses.
Then it became the top 5 and finally the top 2. From left to right:
Belinda Cerini (Belgium)
Mariana Jeknic (Serbia)
Natalia Verchenko (Ukraine)
Judith De Wilde de Ligny (Holland)
Laura Svork (Slovenia)finale

Miss Europe Continental 2017 became:
Natalia Verchenko (Ukraine) c1
The runner-up became:
Laura Svork (Slovenia) c2

To watch the full show:
Miss Europe Continental Full Show
Enjoy and see you soon!



Vicky Zimmerman
Founder of Vicky-Foundation

Shanna was recommended to us by a mutual friend in 2016, and she was very enthousiastic to participate in our first edition of best Avantgarde Photographer challenge. 
As all other photographers, Shanna was linked to one of our models "Mister Avangarde" with a challenge to make three winning pictures of him. The journey to the finales was challenging with many outside factors, but despite all ups and downs that came her way, she never gave up. She kept giving her best, regardless the circomstances. The hard work always pays off, so she won the 2nd place in the finales. 

Shanna is fun, professional and enthusiastic person. I wish her all the best with her career as a photographer.

Hans Lachman

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