Model Portfolio

What is an agent looking for?
If an agent doesn’t know you well and you need to present them a portfolio to show yourself as a model, you
would like to give them the photo’s they are looking for.
1. You can show them how versatile
you can be and how good you can
express yourself.
2. It is also very important to show
in the pictures how good you can
tell a story. And you can tell a story
by portraying a certain emotion.

That means actually that a “pretty face” only is [...]

Miss Europe Continental


23 November 2017
Today it was an early start, breakfast was sceduled for 6:30am.
As soon as the girls were finished with the breakfast, there was a team of make-up artist waiting for them.
The whole day we had a tight schedule and had to rush to stay on track.
At around 9:00am we all travelled to the first photo-shooting location.
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mis europe

Wedding Photo

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Rachid Assoui

I worked with Shanna on a portrait project of myself.
She came with super pofessional equipment and has built my house into a true studio. It was a very beautiful shoot in many different outfits. Not only it was a very pleasant working day together, but she has done a wonderful job with post production of the photos as well. Now I have a beautiful series of portraits to use for my website and my PR!

I am very greatful for this opportunity and hope we would be able to work together again!
Rachid Assoui 2017

Vicky Zimmerman
Founder of Vicky Foundation

Shanna was recommended to us by a mutual friend in 2016, and she was very enthousiastic to participate in our first edition of best Avantgarde Photographer challenge.
As all other photographers, Shanna was linked to one of our models "Mister Avangarde" with a challenge to make three winning pictures of him. The journey to the finales was challenging with many outside factors, but despite all ups and downs that came her way, she never gave up. She kept giving her best, regardless the circomstances. The hard work always pays off, so she won the 2nd place in the finales.

Shanna is fun, professional and enthusiastic person. I wish her all the best with her career as a photographer.

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