The Trophy

Miss & Mister Avantgarde Netherlands photographers competition 2016

Despite the fact that I had less experience than all other participants, I manage to take the title of the 2nd best photographer of AvantGarde Netherlands 2016.

My work

page7_img8Hard work pays off! These three pictures I've made for the competition have been exposed in Westcord Fashion Hotel in Amsterdam.
page7_img7Model: Genyro Westmaas Many thanks to Genyro for his time and effort.

The three winning photographers

from left to right:

3rd: Helen Vegter
2nd: Shanna Simic
1st: Jacqueline Verhoef

--------- / / ---------

Marlouk Bouman
Ryan Haripersad

Pictures on this page are made by: Hans Lachman, Wim van Wel and TRT Media
Photographers Jury: Wim van Wel, Christiaan Hofland and Maarten Douwes Dekker
Organizers: Vicky Zimmerman, David Cardenas en Mira Melchers

Competitions participated in 2017



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